CJ Beathard Wins B1G Offensive Player Of The Week, Heisman Up Next

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The CyHawk trophy back in Iowa City and an Iowa quarterback winning B1G offensive player of the week honors?  Pinch me. What a week for the Hawkeyes and their fans.  CJ Beathard is that dude.  I’m calling it right now.  He’s gonna be one of the best quarterbacks in the country when the dust settles on this college football season.  It doesn’t matter that we’ve beat an FCS team and a team that piled up a total of two wins last season.  I don’t give a shit.  CJ has looked great these first two weeks and that’s without a deep threat on offense or any tight ends to speak of.  Junior Matt VandeBerg is currently Beathard’s most reliable receiver.  Hopefully Tevaun Smith will emerge as Iowa’s big play guy.  We’ll see.  It’s pretty incredible that this team can move the ball through the air at all but Beathard is making it happen.  4 TDs on the year, zero interceptions and a willingness to throw down field.  That’s all Iowa fans want. Oh and he can run a little too. 77 yards rushing against Iowa State. Just an offensive machine. Maybe we should’ve started this guy sooner eh, Kirk?



This is an incredible quote from Kirk Ferentz and not in a good way.


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Oh did you notice it three years ago, Kirk? Weird.  Because I think you have it backwards.  It was the fans and media members who were calling for Beathard to start most of last year while you refused to bench Jake Rudock cause you’re afraid of change and are quietly stubborn.  We wanted the cannon-armed, somewhat-fleet-of-foot Beathard running the offense.  Ferentz doesn’t get to gloat and take credit for starting Beathard when he did it 12 months too late.