The "Right Now" Mets Compilation Will Give You Chills

Its a well known fact that you can put highlights to just about anything to Right Now by Van Halen and it instantly becomes dramatic. The piano, that heavy drum beat, the guitar riff, it instantly gets you amped. You could show me a compilation of Big Cat eating hot dogs to “Right Now” and I’d want to run through a brick wall and eat 50 dogs. Its just white people hype music to the MAX.

And what I learned from myself watching this video is that when this season ends, there will be tears. One way or the other. Tears of joy if the unthinkable happens, tears of sadness if they get bounced. This has been probably the most I’ve ever been invested in a team. I use the awkward term “most I’ve ever been invested in” because I can’t call it just “the best.” There have been so many good times but so many bad times. Pure love and joy right along with abject anger. A roller coaster where you feel like you as a fan are apart of your own team. And the team they became after growing and changing has become the team I think I’ve ever been the most connected to. 2006 was different. It was just like you knew they were going to win every time they went out there. They missed their chance at the title but the over the long haul of like 170 games it was still mostly a breeze rooting for a team that was LOADED.

These guys though – they’re like rooting for Rocky. They’re the underdogs who have overcome and persevered. Nobody respects them because of the NL East or simply because they’re “the Mets.” Everyone wants to discount what they’ve done. But this team being 21 games over and running away with the division is the story of the year in baseball. And when it comes to an end, one way or another, I honestly think I will just weep like a baby.