The Barstool College Football Roundup - Week 2

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Live look at everyone back at work today after a crazy college football Saturday and the first NFL Sunday.

Live look at what you were like when it was all happening though:

So worth it.

Remember that no matter how bad you fuck up at your job this week, your boss will never be as mad at you as Coach McElwain was at Kelvin Taylor.


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Speaking of burn –

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Now let’s get into some of the feature games –

All the huge games this weekend and still the biggest story was #6 Auburn almost losing at home to Jacksonville State.

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Yeah they got the W on the scoreboard, but make no mistake about it, they deserved to and should have lost that game. Jack State (mainly their coach and punter) blew it, but then again, they’re Jack State for a reason. SEC is shaky right now.

Oregon/MSU lived up to the hype with MSU squeaking it out. Couple highlights –

Vernon Adams throws first down pass lefty…he’s right handed.

Not a bad punt return.

Tennessee/Oklahoma…Oklahoma did their usual shit-talking of the SEC all week, then looked pretty silly when they were getting stomped on for most of the game. But it ain’t over til it’s over.

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Hey dad, I’m on TV!

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How about Notre Dame?

Let’s go UVA we gottt thisssss!


Came at a steep price though with Malik Zaire being out for the year.

Trick Play game on 100 –

BYU wins on a hail mary…again.

Does God like these guys or something?

And if he does…why?

TCU won by 1 million, their Pregame snapchat won by 1 trillion


Bret tell us more about Ohio State’s schedule…

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Iowa State holder goes bananas for a 1 point extra point

Iowa got a nice little bounce in this one too

Purdue Cop hits us with the Gronk Spike in the most exciting thing to happen to Purdue football all year

Harbaugh throws his first official Michigan tantrum…

(And got his first Michigan win).

Meanwhile in Ann Arbor…

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Penn State missed punt in a way I feel is almost physically impossible.

Dalvin Cook broke off a highlight reel TD run.

GameDay creepin on the low

Vandy punter drops snap – runs for first down

Literally carrying a dude for a first down

Jordans are life.

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Bye bye safety’s brain.


Florida being Florida

No matter how you feel about the game getting softer this is the type of shit that needs to be gone forever.

Southern Miss Ball Boy needs to keep his head on a swivel for those cannons

Rice RB Sam Stewart had two sweet touchdowns:

Quick update on UConn’s quest to win every game:

Still winning every game.

BC didn’t have much of a problem with Howard…

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This is just embarrassing.

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Kansas football:

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Catch the fever.

Hey Eric Striker, take us out with your thoughts on the SEC