Does Anyone Else Have A Crush On The Irish Chick From The Dewar's Commercial?

I meant to post this a while ago but I totally forgot. I’m in LOVE with this chick. Just something about her. The accent, the whiskey, the allure. The entire package. I want to go with her to a warehouse bar, drink my face off, then let her belittle me and dominate me in bed, maybe even wake up in a bathtub of ice without a kidney. I feel like all of that would be in play with this chick. Like I said, just something about her. Maybe its because she reminds me a little of William Wallace’s wife in Braveheart. You know the chick that everyone masturbated too at one point or another because it was one of the first movies you saw with nudity. I just love it. Has that whole Prima Nocta vibe going. Maybe not the best advertising by Dewars because this commercial doesn’t make me want to buy their whiskey just makes me want to have sex with a foreign chick, but hey, can’t win em all right?



Good to see RandomUploadism and Mrporkandbeaner agree with me.