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Gotta Love Tedy Bruschi Casually Showing Up At ESPN Today Wearing His Pats Superbowl Ring

I’m gonna say something right now and I will stand by it. When Tedy Bruschi officially snaps, and murders somebody at ESPN I’m gonna visit him every single day in jail and tell him how much I love him. Because make no mistake about it, Bruschi is losing his mind. He’s not laughing at his colleagues jokes. He’s not joking around with the guys. Don’t ask him where his other fucking rings are. He already almost damn near killed Damien Woody. Now he suddenly shows up for the first time ever at ESPN wearing his Pats superbowl ring? I’m telling you he is one annoying comment away from going Michael Douglas Falling Down on people’s asses. You can just see it in his eyes. I swear if Mort or Mark Brunell ask to look he is going to cave their heads in and they will end up wearing that ring in their brain. Bruschi is on edge and I love it.