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MUST WATCH: 30 For 30 Short On Bush's 2001 World Series First Pitch


We all have a heavy heart today with the 14th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, but I think this will be a bit of a pick me up for any New Yorkers. At the time, the city was so exhausted and while we learned that there were things way more important than sports, having World Series baseball as a distraction helped us all in some way.

There have been many timeless stories out of 9/11 tragedy, and one of my favorites was that Derek Jeter told Bush that if he didn’t throw the first from the rubber, he would be booed. But to hear the President himself say it gives you a chill thinking about those times. Add in hearing the people who were part of the presidential staff talking about what it meant for them to be in Yankee Stadium at that time and the distraction it gave them shows how lucky we all are to live the lives we do. We all have differing political views but that strike pulled all sides together and made us only care about being American.

PS: I am so far deep in my feels right now about the old stadium that I may never make it out.