Dude With A GoPro Rides His Bike Straight Down A 200-Foot Dam




First of all, awesome.  Riding your bike down super steep hills is one of the most fun things in the world.  Even as a guy who is afraid of all things extreme like bungee jumping, sky diving and even heights.  Show me a bike and any giant hill and I’ll hop on.  No questions asked.  I just have one problem with that video. I don’t wanna tell anybody how to make their GoPro videos but how do you not put a ramp at the end of the dam?  How?  What the hell are you doing?  Riding down a 200-foot dam is awesome.  It is. My palms got sweaty with excitement just watching that but if you include a ramp then it’s the most watched video on the internet by a mile.  The video already has almost 1.7 million views.  Now imagine how many views there would be if the guy on the bike went flying off a ramp at a million miles per hour.  Breaks a couple of bones?  Even better. An additional million views for each snapped vertebrae. Any video involving bikes, skateboards or snowboards can be made 100x better if somebody just says, “Add a ramp.”  That’s Internet 101. Instead he just slammed into shallow water. Shame.