DraftKings Has Lost Their Damn Mind With This NFL Free Beat El Presidente Contest Where If You Beat Me You Get A Free Tshirt



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Contest Details:

– $5,000 Freeroll – only for Barstool users up to 20,000 entries.

– Prizes are paid out in DK dollars, so you won’t be able to withdraw if you win.

– 1st place wins $1,000

– Place ahead of El Presidente, and you get your pick of Barstool T-Shirt for free. All you have to do is beat Portnoy.


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I almost feel like DraftKings is now in cahoots with our readers trying to rub my face in the fact I didn’t take equity in a billion dollar company.   Like hey let’s set up a huge free roll contest where people can compete vs. my gigantic brain to win money and win free merch.   Oh no, no, no.  (picture Dikembe Mutumbo finger wag)  There are a lot of things I can put up with in life but letting people win free tshirts is not one of them.  Everybody pays in my world.  Everybody.  You’ll have to pry those free tshirts out of my cold dead hands.  So good luck beating me folks.  I’m gonna go sit down with my friend Ernie (Adams) and gameplan the shit out of my roster.  Leave nothing to chance.  My question is what happens when nobody beats me?  If you enter this and lose you should be obligated to by 2 shirts.  That should be the rule.