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Troy Aikman Confirmed that Charles Haley Once Took Out His Dong And Rested It On Matt Millen's Shoulder

Troy Aikman appeared on Dan Le Batard’s radio show. Aikman’s former teammate Charles Haley came up. Aikman confirmed a story about Haley putting his manhood on Matt Millen, while Millen was playing cards.


Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 2.07.47 PM

There’s really nothing more intimidating than a guy who knows he has a huge dick and isn’t scared to plop it on the shoulder of a stupid white person. Matt Millen is just sitting there playing cards, daydreaming of one day running a NFL franchise into the ground via first round wide receivers, and next thing he knows he has Charles Haley’s massive dick on his shoulder like a parrot on a pirate. What can he do? And Millen’s no small fry himself. Pretty big linebacker. He probably apologized to Haley for not having a better dick rest for him.

PS: Can you imagine if a story like this came out in today’s NFL. Just think about it- Richie Incognito had his entire NFL career ruined because he told Jonathan Martin he was going to fuck his sister and shit in his mouth. But then the texts were released when all he wanted to do was hang out with Martin to the point where people think they are gay together. Imagine if he parrot’d Martin one day. Lifetime suspension? Jail time?

h/t TBL for the video