Adam Schefter Says That Roger Goodell Is A Liar And The NFL Suspended McNally And Jastremski




(Source) —  ESPN’s Adam Schefter continues to maintain the NFL asked the Patriots to do so. He reiterated those thoughts Thursday on ESPN Radio’s Mike and Mike.

“It’s odd to me why if the Patriots suspended them, why they would have to go to the league to ask permission to reinstate them,” Schefter said. “Again, I’m not not here to debate anybody, I reported over two months ago, in the beginning of May, that the league asked the Patriots to suspend those two employees, which is in fact what happened. Anybody can say what they want, I’m not trying to make anyone look bad, it’s not the goal, I’m just telling exactly what I was told from people that I trust from people that understand and know the situation. Why else would the Patriots have suspended them?

“Just think about it logically. It makes very little sense for the Patriots to go ahead when they believe in their innocence when they accepted the findings to go ahead and do this. And they did it. That’s it. That’s the deal.”

Pressed for more detail, Schefter made his thoughts loud and clear.

“As forcefully as others say that the league did not do that, I’m telling you as forcefully the league did do that,” he said.

Schefter’s report goes against what Goodell said on the same radio show earlier in the week.

The commissioner was asked if the league asked the Patriots to suspend them until the investigation was over.

“Absolutely not. Absolutely not,” he said. “That was a decision made by the Patriots.”





RIP Adam Schefter. We’ll tell tales of your bravery in standing up for what’s right. What you’ve done here is honorable. You fought for what you knew to be true and that will never be forgotten. But, the fact of the matter is that you’re a dead man. ESPN won’t allow this “honesty” and “factual reporting,” it goes against everything they stand for. If only you’d written this, so they had time to erase “Roger Goodell lied” and replace it with “All hail great leader and honorable man, Roger Goodell” then maybe you’d have a chance at walking away, but you pulled back the curtain live. You stood by your reporting and confirmed, unequivocally, that Roger Goodell went on Mike & Mike and lied his ass off. He lied about why he won’t attend the game tonight (You went to the last two? Fuck off), he lied about why he’s willing to take a step back from disciplining players (You’re too busy?! Fuck off) and, most importantly, he lied about who suspended Jastremski and McNally (The Pats did even though you have to clear reinstatement?! Fuckkkkk offfff).




So, good on you, Schefter. You looked ESPN and the NFL in the eye and screamed that you will not go quietly into the night, you’ll shout truths from the mountaintop. Sure, when you walk into your home tonight there will probably be an ESPN hitman in a track suit and booties, like Wahlberg in The Departed, but you’ll go out with a clear conscience knowing you did the right thing. RIP.