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Philly's Meat Filled Pretzel May Not Be A Cheesesteak But It Still Looks Orgasmic


Philly – Cheesesteak purists screamed in horror when Anthony Bourdain proclaimed the cheesesteak at Donkey’s Place in Camden “the best.” It’s served on a round poppyseed kaiser roll, they exclaimed. Not. A. Cheesesteak. What to make of this new creation sold on Tuesdays at Joe’s Steaks + Soda Shop? They call it a Pretzel Cheesesteak ($7.29). It’s beef and cheese on a soft pretzel bun baked specially for Joe’s (the former Chink’s steaks) by Philly Pretzel Factory.

[Editor’s Note: Intern Brosh’s deal again.]

Are people kidding me? How can we fight over whether this is a cheesesteak or not? Come on people, we all should be stuffing our face with this. This is Philadelphia at it’s finest. The right out of the oven beauty that is a fresh baked soft pretzel that is still kind of not fully cooked and whats that in between? Just that beautiful mixture of meat and cheese we all call love. This may not be a “cheesesteak” but its our sandwich and it’s something everyone should be eating when they throw on their Birds’ jerseys on Sundays or reluctantly throw on their Phils’ caps. we don’t have much but we sure as hell got this and I am okay with it.

[Editor’s Note 2.0: Obligatory Philly Cheesesteak Rankings Below. You either die a villain, or live long enough see the inside of your arteries become rock solid:]

-Steve’s Prince Of Steaks (NE)

-Delassandro’s (N 4th st)

-Sonny’s (Olde City, get her with bacon and you’ve died and gone to diabetic heaven) and

-John’s Roast Pork (Snyder Ave, VERY underrated and only open select hours)

-Jim’s (South St.)

-Chubby’s (Henry Ave)

-Pat’s (9th and Passyunk)

-Joe’s (NE, would be ranked 3rd if their name was still Chink’s. Definitely affects the taste for some reason.)

-Shank’s Original (Delaware Ave)

-Geno’s (9th and Passyunk. SPEAK ENGLISH OR DIE)

-Homeless guy slinging mystery meat off of I-95.








-Tony Luke’s