The Internet Has Claimed This Chick Is The World's Hottest Nurse And The Internet Isn't Wrong

This is Kaicyre Palmers. She’s one of those rare “Instagram Models” who actually does something other than spend their days partying on yachts travelling the world in a bikini flaunting their tits and ass (not that there’s anything wrong with that). She’s a student at New York University and she’s studying to be a nurse. And just recently, she has been dubbed the World’s Hottest Nurse by the interwebs. After a thorough investigation of her Instagram account, I have to agree.

Now what I need to know is how many boners do you think Kaicyre deals with on a daily basis. Because any time I go to the doctors* for a physical and end up with a lady doctor, I have to do pretty much everything possible to hold back from chubbing up. It could be the most plain Jane lady doctor in the land and I’d still have to say the alphabet backwards in my mind to keep it holstered. Imagine if that sexy little exotic minx Nurse Kaicyre came in to check up on your package? Forget about it.





*I’m kind of in between doctors right now. Since I’m too old to go to my Pediatrician now, it’s been like almost 2 years since I’ve gone to the doctors. Just praying that I don’t get sick and/or die instead of finding a new doctor because I feel like that’s the adult way of going about it.

h/t Complex