There Is No Way Sal Paolantonio is Really Doing A Book Signing At the Pats Pro Shop Tomorrow Right?


The time bill Belichick made sal Paolantonio feel 1 foot tall

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What was Chris Mortensen not available? I mean holy shit. Umm dear Patriots Pro shop have you been reading the news lately? You see what ESPN is trying to do to the Patriots? And you invite this skunk into our home to do a book signing? Get the fuck out of here with that shit. Nobody from ESPN should be allowed to cover the game never mind rolling out the red carpet for Sal Pal. I hope a ton of drunk patriot fans harass the shit out of this coward. Who knows maybe I’ll nut up despite my 109 fever just to chase his ass out of town again like when I ran him out of town at the Brady hearings. I wonder if he’ll refuse to answer questions and have bodyguards like the last 2 times I’ve confronted him?