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Dumbass Records Himself Crashing Into His Buddy While Using A Selfie Stick




And I think that closes the case on whether or not selfie sticks are stupid or not.  I mean what the hell was that dude even doing?  “Yeahhhhhhh bro.  Check out my sweet Jeep driving along the road like every other car in the world does every single day. Super sick.  EXTREME!” then crunch.  Busted up his buddy’s canoe in the process.  Listen, it’s one thing you wanna wrap yourself around a telephone pole while using a selfie stick as you drive down the street.  That’s totally fine.  Go nuts.  Kill yourself. Any bodily harm you bring on yourself by way of selfie stick is deserved in my book.  But it’s downright wrong to bring other innocent, non selfie stick using people into your misery.  By the way, how lucky is that dude that the canoe didn’t smash through the windshield and into his throat?  Pretty sure that happened in a Final Destination movie and it wasn’t pretty.  Bottom line is selife sticks are stupid and if that makes me sound like an old man then so be it.