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Can't Wait To Take Your Money in DraftKings World's Largest Fantasy Football 50/50 - $100k Guaranteed

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This is perfect for people like me who always finish in the top half of the DraftKings contests we run, but always fall a little bit short of making the money. Now, it’s ok if I draft a dud who only gets me 2 points because all I need to do is be better than half of you idiots and I win money. Shouldn’t be that hard. I’m already spending my cash.


Contest Details:
-World’s Largest Fantasy Football 50/50
-$100K in Guaranteed Prizes
-11,112 total entries, top half all double their money
-Are you better than 50% of Fantasy Football Players? The way 50/50’s work, the entire top half of fantasy scores in the contest all double their money. It doesn’t matter what place you come in, as long as your in the top half of Fantasy Scores you get paid out.
-50/50s are the best way to build up a bankroll to play for bigger prizes. You don’t have to have the best fantasy score in the contest to win, you just have to place in the top half of scores. It’s that simple.


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