Domonic Brown's Tinder Game Is Somehow Sadder Than His Baseball Career



Wow. Just…wow. That was somehow longer and more ineffective than his swing. This freaking guy is insecure in all aspects of life on and off the field. Hey man, you know where your Tinder game should start and end with? “I’m in the show, let me know if you want to knock boots.” And maybe a dick pic if there’s a prized hog in that pen. That’s it. I’m officially retired from Tinder as the banner is now flying in the rafters, but I think that’s all it takes. A professional athlete who makes more money in a week than most do in a year should never stoop this low while grazing for the puss. Especially when you’re a decent looking dude. There’s zero reason to get weird or overly aggressive a la MDZ. But, hey, I guess Dom Brown is the type of cool cat who lays it all out on the line right away. Women like knowing the important things like you have 2 toddlers and you love ping pong right off the bat

In his defense if I were supposed to be a certified superstar and ended up playing like this on a nightly basis I feel like I’d need to explain myself, too:


h/t MLD