Hope You Guys Are Sitting Down Because We've Got Some CRAZY News Out Of Cleveland, Lebron Is Thinking About Getting A Full Time Massage Therapist!

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Holy shit, can you believe it? The man who spends his entire life working on his body, taking cat naps, and ingesting HGH (legally I have to say allegedly here *wink*) is making the big time step towards a full time massage therapist. Why Lebron thought this was worthy of telling us I have no clue. Was he high? Did he think this was funny or relatable? Your guess is as good as mine. But I will tell you this, now that it’s out there I bet it winds up on an Ohio State football telecast when someone tweaks their hammy. “Yo lil bro @BraxtonMiller, holla if you want my masseuse, keep grinding #StriveForGreatness #NoDaysOff #MassagesForEveryone”. Lebron is back everyone, happy endings for everyone in Akron, he’s just a kid from there.



Oh and apparently Lebron is holding a not so secret pre-pre-season training camp in Miami this week for the Cavs, so expect a lot of #CliqueUp Instagram pictures and not a lot of Kevin Love.





I know these are just weird bots or something but I always laugh.


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