The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Debuted Last Night And Included A Fantastic Segment On Donald Trump



He’s back!  Stephen Colbert is back on TV and it feels right.  Last night was the debut of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert and you had to expect it was going to include Trump jokes and it did.  He included a few in the opening monologue but the meat of it came when he did an entire segment on Trump later on.  As anyone who has watched The Colbert Report over the years expected, the segment was fantastic.  Comparing covering Trump stories to the guilty pleasure of eating a thousand Oreos.  Which is something we can all relate to.  Whether you love Colbert or hate Colbert, that segment was laugh out loud funny.  Just pounding rows of Oreos as clip after clip of Trump moments rolled by.  It’s funny because it’s true.  I haven’t laughed like that at a late night talk show in awhile.  How much did it kill Colbert to have to stand on the sidelines while Trump was doing Trump things and running for president?  He had to be chomping at the bit to do something, anything, about Trump.  Well he finally got his chance and he nailed it.


All in all I thought the first Colbert show was really good.  The house band is great and you can just tell Colbert is happy.  I’ll be tuning in for sure.  Obviously you can’t judge a show like this after one episode but the future appears to be bright.  It wasn’t perfect.  The interviews (especially with George Clooney zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz) were pretty meh but I don’t tune in to watch Colbert do interviews and those will get better with time.  Colbert has a seemingly endless amount of energy and that’s what the show needs.  Energy.  This is the job Colbert wanted.  No offense to the great David Letterman but near the end it seemed like he didn’t even want to be there anymore.  He was playing out the string.  It’s awesome to have an uber-talented guy like Colbert in the chair who absolutely wants to be there and deserves to be there.


This was awesome by the way