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I've Got A Serious Bone To Pick With Tom Brady

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Photos via E





These pics were taken Monday night as Brady and Gisele left a movie date (no doubt a clever rouse to discuss divorce settlements) where they looked “very much in love” onlookers said. But that’s really not what this is about. What we need to discuss is that ensemble. Tom, baby, grab a knee. What’s going on here? Collar all over the place. No belt with a tucked in button down. Shirt wrinkled as all hell. Come on, man. It’s gametime. The season’s about to start in just over a day, for god’s sake! This is when we need you looking tens, not running around looking like Raggedy Andy. Fuck, Tom. Kinda shattered my confidence, tbh, I’m not even sure if we beat the Steelers by 100 tomorrow. Probably only win 50 like a bunch of losers.



PS – Chin dimple game still strong as hell. Kicks too. Jeans as well, if you threw on a belt. Fuck it, you look great! Let’s run up the score!