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Barstool Investigation Into Espn Reveals Rampant Sexual Harassment and Culture of Deceit and Deception



Barstool investigators spent the last month interviewing over 90 current and former employees about ESPN’s work culture.   The results were shocking to say the least.   One current female staffer said it’s an outright dangerous environment for women.  Remember that Steve Phillips thing?  Or Harold Reynolds? Or Sean Salisbury?  You think just because those guys got fired for sexual harassment that the culture has changed? Of course not.  Women are encouraged to use the buddy system when they go out so they don’t end up in potentially compromising positions with the male dominated staff.  Another former employee who wished to remain anonymous said he was fired when he went to management to defend a female who was groped at a company party.  “It’s an old boys club. If the women aren’t ready for that they shouldn’t work here.  They are eye candy for all the men in the office.    Listen there is a reason there were over 100 espn emails in the Ashley Madison database.


Another unexpected result of the rise of ESPN is what one high management official called lazy journalism. “Guys like Chris mortensen” just mail it in. Not only doesn’t he check and recheck his sources, half the time he just makes them up.  There is a reason these guys never reveal their sources. They know if they just constantly use anonymous sources nobody can ever hold them accountable said the anonymous source.   The fact that the general public actually think ESPN has an ounce of integrity or are real journalists is a joke.     We have an agenda with every story we cover.  No different than Fox News.  There are meetings where high level management brainstorm how to antagonize fans for views That’s what happened with deflategate and always happens with Lebron .  It’s the WWF.   Our guys just making up storylines that will get eyeballs.  There is no truth or fact to 50% of the stories we break with anonymous sources.  It’s just algorithms designed to generate traffic.  I’m telling you what goes on in our “newsroom” would blow people’s minds.


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