"Hell's Club" Is A Mashup Of Every Single Major Movie Character In The Same Club At The Same Time

The tagline is “TERMINATOR VERSUS TONY MONTANA VERSUS TOM CRUISE VERSUS CARLITO BRIGANTE VERSUS BLADE VERSUS JOHN TRAVOLTA VERSUS AL PACINO VERSUS PINEAD VERSUS THE MASK VERSUS ROBOCOP VERSUS DARTH VADER VERSUS MICHAEL JACKSON.” and I think thats still only about half the characters in this mash up. The only problem is that its too long but I suppose when you’re trying to fit every character in movie history into one club scene it takes some time. There’s some real nice touches – Travolta from Pulp Fiction watching Travolta from Saturday Night Fever. Austin Powers watching my girl Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct. Hellraiser going nuts right after the Terminator sets shit off at the 5:40 mark.

If you’re a movie fan you’ll love it. If not, it will at least make you realize how many different movie scenes take place with a main character ominously wandering through a crowded club.

PS – As awesome as this was I think the original club scene in Blade with Snipes killing everyone soaked in blood was more ridiculous on its own than the Hell’s Club mashup