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May Have To Be All-In On This Mini-Golf/Beer Pong/Skeeball Tailgate Game

The Puttskee – How To

The Puttskee just got a little cooler.

Posted by The Puttskee on Friday, August 14, 2015

GolfDigest – Introducing: The Puttskee. As this videos illustrate, if you’re a fan of tailgating, beer pong or mini-golf, this might interest you. As the video shows, there are interchangeable boards you can use. So if you’re not feeling like playing Skeeball, add the Pongskee board. We’ve seen trick shots combining beer pong with golf. But now this is a game in which golf and beer pong are intertwined. Mind. Blown.

[Editor’s Note: Another Intern Brosh spankage.]

It’s the Tuesday after Labor Day and the transition from Avalon and Sea Isle weekends have turned into weekends of rough-touch football and the Birds. The biggest problem with this is that people may have missed the biggest Tailgate game of the summer, the Puttskee. I am completely convinced this is Smitty’s dream tailgate game. Mini putt? Booze? Skeeball? Sign him up for 100 [Editor’s note: Pretty sure I went 12-1 this season at Pirate Island. If you’re not a scratch putter then don’t even think about stepping onto my home course.]. This is truly genius tho, to have another way to play pong instead of standing behind a table throwing ping pong balls all over the place is always a genius move. I hope I roll through the Linc’s parking lot this year and see some of these in Jetro, or at least some cool knockoff.