Temple's Ball Dude (And Their Defense) May Lead Them Directly To The BCS Playoffs


#HootHoot, motherfuckers! You see that moxie from Temple’s Ball Dude? Screw Red Lightning, this coot screams pizzazz on the sidelines. Jimmy “Flash” Brodsky aside, coach Matt Ruhle and his gaggle of Owls have officially brought the hope of big time college football back to the Philadelphia area. I’m not talking about Penn State or the Division 1AA/II/III squads who do great things for the area (the likes of Delaware, Nova, WC, and Widener are all exciting programs to watch and follow). I’m talking about a team that might actually be able to hang and bring something big time to Philly. We’ve really never had it before at this level for college football. And it’s not that Temple beat Penn State for the first time in ages, it’s how. They were down 10-0 early and then proceeded to drop a dirty bomb on Happy Valley. There’s a chance this squad gets to 7 wins and yet another bowl eligible season, which just years ago seemed like an impossibility. But really, with this defense that can flat out FLY to the ball, anything is possible. 10 sacks, Hack. Taste it.

All you need is a couple good years strung together to open the eyes of big time recruits and we just may have something special brewing in North Philly.

Oh, and the tailgating looked like a certified hoot. Go Owls.


Tailgate vid via @resseejawwrr.