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Dan Patrick Returned To Sportscenter With Enough Nostalgia To Kill A Small Horse

Ahhhh, ’90’s Sportscenter. The true apex of perfect entertainment. It existed before the Internet when you actually had to read the paper or wait for highlights on the news. There were legends like Dan Patrick, Keith Olberman, Stuart Scott, Craig Kilborn, Charlie Steiner, and countless other hosts giving the facts not only with pristine accuracy, but humor. A lot of humor. Most Sportscenter anchors today wouldn’t know funny if it slapped them in the face in between LeBron updates of him taking a piss. Maybe it was put on a pedestal because I was a kid and these guys, along with the athletes, seemed larger than life itself, but I don’t think so. Sportscenter in the ’90’s was truly one of a kind.

SVP would hook up great with anyone, but I think Dan Patrick* and Keith Olberman (before he became so self-righteous douche) may be the GOAT when it comes to SC duos.

More hockey talk in that commercial than the last 20 years on ESPN combined.

*Anyone got an inside track on how to get on Sports Jeopardy! w/ Dan Patrick? Because after getting a guaranteed 100% on that last qualifying online test I’m guessing they’re petrified of me retiring the show after my appearance.