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Bob Kraft Spotted Talking With Judge Berman at Brady Vindication Party In the Hamptons


Page Six - Patriots owner Robert Kraft mingled with Judge Richard Berman, who overturned the NFL suspension of Tom Brady over his alleged role in Deflategate, at a Hamptons Labor Day party full of media and business power brokers.Kraft was chatting with Berman at Discovery Communications chief David Zaslav and his wife Pam’s party at their East Hampton estate, also attended by Oprah Winfrey, Martha Stewart, Harvey Weinstein, Lloyd Blankfeinrich, NY Giants co-owner Jon Tisch and wife Lizzie, Katie Couric, and Hilaria and Alec Baldwin.


I LOVE IT. Everything the Patriots are doing right now is pitch perfect. Publicly we’re saying all the right things. Saying we only care about football blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile we emasculated Reggie Wayne and sent his scalp back to Indy. Now Bob Kraft is casually partying with Judge Berman in the Hamptons. Clinking champagne glasses and laughing at how dumb Roger Goodell is. How he thought he could get away with the crime of the century. If you don’t think pisses Goodell off you just don’t know anything about life and rubbing salt in the wound. There is no change Goodell isn’t in the fetal position in his office with the lights off reading this story and weeping silently to himself. To the winner goes the spoils indeed.