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Draftkings Double Up! Easiest Way To Take Cash In Turn It Into Twice As Much Cash

If you dont believe in Harlem World, playa double up! Its a 50/50 double up from Draftkings for NFL Week 1 which means you only need to finish in the top 50% of contestants to double your money. Finish in the top half, you go from 25 to 50 bucks. Finish in the bottom half, you get nothing, you lose good day sir.

So things are a little different when you do a Double Up. You’re not swinging for the fences. Doesnt matter whether you’re first or 20,000, you get the same money. So its not necessarily about finding that one sleeper pick that nobody else in the league is thinking. You want to fill your team with solid, consistent players. You’re just trying to pass the test, not get a perfect score. Play it safe. Just looking for a base knock here, not a grand slam home run. Do that and you’ll be in the money.