TJ Ward Says His Suspension Won't Get Overturned Because "His Last Name Isn't Brady"

DENVER Denver Broncos safety T.J. Ward was notified Thursday he will be suspended for the regular-season opener against the Baltimore Ravens for a violation of the NFL’s personal conduct policy that occurred almost 16 months ago. And that didn’t sit well with Ward. “I feel it’s really unfair,’’ Ward said following the Broncos’ 22-20 loss to the Arizona Cardinals in the preseason finale. “I’m getting punished for being accused of doing something, not doing something but being accused and I’ve got to pay the consequences for it. And I just don’t feel the whole process is very fair.’’



I’ve tried to write this sarcastically like three times but I just can’t do it. The quote is too preposterous and I’m not a good enough writer. What in the fuck is TJ Ward talking about? You were arrested for throwing a mug at a female bartender then you plead out and accepted community service. Tom Brady was falsely accused of deflating footballs, refused to settle, maintained his innocence, and a federal judge agreed with him. What in the hell is comparable about these situations? You admitted guilt, Tom Brady fought for his freedom. You abused a woman, Tom Brady allegedly took air out of a football. You were suspended for 1 game and fined one game check totaling 280,000 dollars, Tom Brady was suspended 4 games and 4 checks totaling 8 million dollars. Comparing yourself to Brady is like comparing a shithead who tries to hit women but has a shitty arm to a perfect orange with a golden arm. It doesn’t make sense. Tom Brady’s victory over Fuhr Goodell was a win for all NFL players, all the innocent NFL players who are unfairly punished by him. Not the one’s who are guilty.



Shut your mouth an be thankful you’re even allowed to still play in the league after this disgusting hit