John Wall Bought Himself a $20,000 Portrait Of Himself For His Birthday And It's Actually Pretty Cool

PBT – John Wall is turning 25 on Sunday, and from the looks of it, he got some pretty cool gifts. In addition to suits and watches, he got a giant portrait of himself from street artist Madsteez, which TMZ reports cost $20,000 to commission. Here’s a picture, from Madsteez’ Instagram:

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 2.00.46 PM Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 2.04.43 PM

Man, I need fuck-you money. Imagine having this big ass face just hanging around on the walls of my mansion? Would be hysterical. And nobody would be able to say shit about it. Just my huge chin in $20,000 paintings and if someone wanted to talk shit about it they could get the fuck out of my house. But also if I’m paying 20k for a painting of myself, I’m going to look fire in it regardless. Can’t commission a portrait of yourself and not ask them to fix that receding hairline and some other very recognizable features, that’d be insane.

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 2.13.22 PM