Italian Actress Tries To Do The Splits On Live TV And Breaks Her Shit In Half




Nailed it!  Technically she did do the splits after all.  Not only the splits but the jump splits!  That’s ballsy.  Takes a lot of confidence in one’s self to even attempt the jump splits.  Sure maybe she broke her leg and bounced her vagina off the ground on live TV but she still did the splits.  Mission accomplished.  Ever been to a college party where there’s the girl who swears she can do the splits and she wants, no, NEEDS to show everyone?  Of course you have.  There’s seemingly one of those girls at every party.  She’s the one who says shit like, “I did gymnastic until I was 12.  I can totally do the splits” then she proceeds to not be able to do the splits while holding a beer and everyone proceeds to ignore her.  That’s the girl in the video.  What even happened in that video?  I for sure thought she broke her leg.  It was bent in a way legs aren’t supposed to bend. Oh well.  At least she’ll always have video proof she can do the splits.