Take It From A Pro - Brady Not Wearing His Wedding Ring Means Less Than Nothing

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So the entire free world is freaking out right now about Brady and Gisele.  Divorce rumors swirling.  Brady spotted not wearing his ring yesterday blah,blah,blah.   First things first I already talked about this a month ago.  The timing of these rumors are peculiar to say the least. Both times these rumors hit the street were the exact time Brady rulings were ready to break.   It has Goodell’s greasy finger prints all over him.

But that’s neither here nor there.  Listen look at my hands.  Do you see a wedding ring?




Fuck no.  Accidentally dropped it in the ocean surfing on Nantucket for like the 4th time.   Bottom line is only idiots wear wedding rings.  Sends all the wrong messages to the world and women in particular.    Guys like me and Brady can’t be tamed.  We’re Michigan men. We’re alpha males.  We’re primal.   Rings are for the timid.   For stallions who have been broken.   Not for blog icons and Super Bowl champs.   Doesn’t mean we don’t love our wives or there is trouble on the Homefront.  Just means we can’t live in a cage