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Redneck Goes Fishing With His Drone Because Why The Hell Not And Catches One




I have an idea. We need to start supplying all rednecks with the most up-to-date technology in the world and just let them go nuts.  The government comes up with new and advanced technology?  Give it to the rednecks and see what they do with it.  Let them be the guinea pigs.  Think about it.  They’d come up with some of the best ideas.  In their own stupid way, they might be the smartest out of all of us.  They’re outside-the-box thinkers.  Like this guy here who took his drone fishing and actually caught one.  I would’ve never thought to do that.  And if they end up hurting themselves with the technology we give them, we make an internet video out of it and move onto the next one.  Win-win.   Bottom line, rednecks are the goddamn best.  They really are. They don’t care about anything, they drink Budwesier all day long and they easily have the most fun.  I’ve said it a thousand times now but there needs to be a Redneck Camp where people from anywhere can live like a redneck for a week or a month or however long they want.  I guarantee people would sign up. I know I would.  Hell, I’d probably just stay forever.