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If The Yankees Are Going To Have Any Shot At All, Arod Needs To Have This Picture Scrubbed From The Internet


First things first, Arod has done a great job this season from a PR standpoint but his next move has to be to have this image scrubbed from the internet. I dont know how it works but if Beyonce can make it so this image only shows up once when I search “Beyonce Super Bowl” then anything is possible. I just don’t feel confident in Arod returning to form with this picture out there.

Mark Teixeira: Looks like this bone bruise is worse than expected and Mark is going to be on crutches for about a week. Through all the rays and MRIs they say that there is no break, but they can’t tell how long he will be out. Greg Bird is being exposed against right handed pitching, so any help would be an upgrade but if Tex is lost for the season, we are in big trouble.

Roster Expansion: With the rosters expanded and the Yankees calling up 8 players from AAA, look to see a lot of new faces running late in games and getting some playing time in games that are already decided. Of yesterdays call ups, Refsnyder has the best chance at sticking for the playoffs, if he can get some playing time and show himself to be more valuable that Drew. However with Drew hitting above .200 now and still find some home runs, he might be making a positive turn for the September push. Also, look for Andrew Bailey to get a shot at proving he can contribute.

CC To Start: CC is throwing rehab bullpens again and it looks like he will be back this season. There was some talk about him going to the bullpen and he seemed open to the idea, but it now looks like that wont happen. The current plan is for him to come back in a starting role and as much as we all wanted to see a change, the rotation hasn’t stepped up to show that CC doesn’t belong. Whether this would carry into the playoffs, I don’t know, but I could see CC being very valuable out of the pen in October.

Front Tuck Is Back: Not since the days of boy bands, have we seen the front tuck look so cool and so natural. When paired next to what I hear is JJ Watt’s gf with some kind of FUPA/Camel Toe hybrid (would), the front tuck looks almost majestic. Late in the summer season it’s a bold move to pull out, especially with hoodie weather around the corner, but I guess taking chances is part of being an icon.

Besides all of that, we blew a shot on Monday to pick up a game by leaving too many RISP. After a good win last night, it’s important to get and stay hot against the Rays and Orioles to get ready for a showdown with Toronto in the Bronx next weekend. This is where we find out if our team is too old.