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I Need To Chime In On The Texans Owner Blaming Deflategate on the Pats



I know Feitleberg just posted this, but I was already in the process of blogging it so I’m double posting it because I’m pissed. Bob McNair saying what escalated Deflategate was Tom Brady and the Patriots not cooperating with the NFL is the biggest crock of shit of all time.What escalated this was the NFL leaking false information to Little Bobby Kravitz, Peter King and Chris Mortensen. What escalated this was the NFL blatantly lying about the facts and refusing to correct their own leaks. What escalated this was Mike Kensil running a sting operation during the AFC title game. What escalated this was the NFL not knowing what the ideal gas law was. What escalated this was the NFL spending 3 million dollars on the Wells report to try and prove something that didn’t happen in the first place. What escalated this was Roger Goodell flip flopping all over the place about whether he was independent investigation or not. That’s what escalated this. Not the Patriots.
But really that’s neither here nor there. Listen as I’ve said from day 1 Deflategate is just the result of jealous vindictive rivals trying to embarrass the Patriots because they can’t beat us on the field. The Texans are the PERFECT example of this.

I wrote this paragraph in 2013

“Remember when the Texans were the toast of the town? Wearing Varsity Letterman jackets everywhere they went? People were talking about them having homefield for the entire playoffs last year. Then they came into Foxboro and lost by 100. Then they came into Foxboro again for the playoffs and lost by 100 again. And poof just like that it was the end of the Texans as a credible franchise. It was like Bill Belichick stuck his hand into their chest, ripped out their heart and ate it. These guys have to know the Patriots are the reason why they are where they are right now. For all intensive purposes the Patriots literally murdered them.”

Those right there are just big boy facts. The Texans have literally sucked balls ever since they came into Foxboro for that night game with their Letterman jackets and got eviscerated. It was like those old Houston Cougar teams with David Klinger who would beat horrible teams by 100 and then go play Miami in the Orange Bowl and get exposed. That’s what we did to the Texans. We murdered the shit out of them. 5 years later they are still dead. So of course Bob McNair hates the Pats. I would too if they murdered my entire family in cold blood.