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Parents Are Freaking Out That Their Middle School Children Are Taking a Survey About How Many People They've Had Sex With

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Fox DC - When it comes to asking kids about sex, how young is too young? An anonymous survey giving to Maryland middle school students now includes questions about their sexual activity, including how many people they’ve had intercourse with and whether they used a condom. The Maryland Youth Tobacco and Risk Behavior Survey is given to 6th, 7th and 8th grade public school students, who range in age from 11-14 years old. It’s required that public middle schools in Maryland give the survey, but parents are given the option of opting on their child’s behalf. It’s answered online anonymously and is voluntary. In the instructions, the survey actually says, “If you are not comfortable answering a question, just leave it blank.” Montgomery Co. School Board member Rebecca Smondrowski raised concerns from parents, who were urged to talk to their kids about the questions on this year’s survey. Four new questions about sex on the 2014 survey are causing big concerns for some parents. According to the survey itself, information collected is used to improve health education for young people. Other questions asked on the survey include whether or not kids wear helmets on bikes and skateboards, tobacco, alcohol and drug use, body weight issues, and their levels of physical activity.


Oh what’s the big deal? So you ask a few 11 year olds how many people they’ve fucked and if they wore a condom or not. Seems pretty normal. At 11 you don’t even know what sex is. You still think you just lay on top of each other and do pushups into the belly button area. Shit, at 26 I’m not convinced that’s not right. And don’t even try to tell me there’s a separate pee hole down there. I’ve heard that rumor, but I’m not buying it. So I guess question 53 is a bittttt aggressive:

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If there’s an 8 year old out there banging in cubbies and during nap time, give him a fucking medal of honor, a purple heart, and extended recess. Imagine these 6th graders looking at this survey, wondering if they were supposed to be fucking at 8 years old. It’s like in DARE where they tell you how awesome every drug is, and then tell you not to do it. I’m sure that works. “When you’re high or drunk, the world is a better place, everyone is nicer, and girls will reluctantly sleep with you. So don’t drink or smoke.”