Love That Pete Rose Is Still Out There Chasing The Dream (Betting Horses In The Middle Of The Day At Mandalay Bay)




This will probably sound pretty pathetic but I love these pictures. Once a degenerate always a degenerate. If you’re a person who has even a little bit of a gambling itch you get it. I don’t care if MLB has you under a lifetime ban, I don’t care if everyone views you as compulsive gambler, at the end of the day everyone needs their happy place, and Pete Rose’s happy place is a nice comfortable chair at the Mandalay Bay sportsbook. And you know what, I’m sure people will call him pathetic or sad but this picture right here, this picture is just a man enjoying his day, watching the ponies, probably losing thousands and loving every second of it. You may see sad and lonely but I see the very essence of contentment. It’s beautiful.



Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 12.18.02 PM





I reached a personal new low yesterday. Was flying home to Chicago from NYC and had a TV on the flight, middle of the day so nothing good was on. Found myself watching TVG for 2 hours even though I had no action. Picking a horse I liked in each race and betting fake made up amounts. Even did a Pick 3 at Parx that didn’t make it out of the first leg. Lost about 2,000 fake dollars in my brain but I loved every second of it.