Kanye's Speech From The VMAs Makes A Little Bit More Sense When You Add A Laugh Track To It




Alright so maybe it doesn’t make a ton more sense but it at least makes some sense.  That version of Kanye’s speech makes roughly 400% more sense than the actual one he made on Sunday night.  Which actually makes me hate that video with the laugh track.  Because I don’t want my Kanye West to make sense.  I want him to be Kanye West.  All the time.  The Kanye West that doesn’t make sense to mere mortals.  I’m such a Kanye fan that I loved his speech the other night because it felt genuine.  Not that it made any sense, it didn’t, just that it felt genuine.  Everything else from that night couldn’t have been more staged.  Nicki vs Miley? Staged as fuck no matter what people are saying. Bieber crying?  Sooo fake I almost started crying.  Miley’s nip slip? Puh-lease.  They have delays on those broadcasts for a reason.  So they were able to bleep out all the f bombs Miley dropped but not her flashing a tit?  Gimme a break.  But give Kanye West the mic, let ‘em rip and that’s as real as it gets.  The fact that he smoked before was even better.  A high Kanye is exactly who I want to be holding a microphone at all times. So forget laugh tracks. Kanye being Kanye is more than enough.