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Former Caps Goalie Michal Neuvirth Hates Philadelphia, Would Rather Be In Washington

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CSN - Originally drafted in 2001 (second round) by Washington, the 27-year-old spent six seasons with the Capitals, winning the starting job in 2010 after securing the Calder Cup for Hershey the previous spring. Neuvirth was moved twice these past two seasons at the NHL trade deadline to Buffalo and then the New York Islanders last March.  “It was hard leaving Washington, for sure,” he said. “I have a lot of memories and lots of good friends there. I spent my best years in Washington in the NHL. I am always going to have feelings for the Capitals.” Now he’s is a Flyer. That’s four clubs in less than three calendar years. Not an easy turnaround for any player.  “I don’t know what is the hardest thing,” Neuvirth said of the transition. “And I’ve been moved quite often the last few seasons. It’s nothing new for me. You gotta meet everybody. I have two Czech [teammates] on the team (the other is defenseman Radko Gudas). That is going to make it easier.”


Man, poor Neuvy. That really hurt me to read. All he wants to do is be a Washington Capital. Kinda bummed out now. Good thing I bought a donut today because otherwise I’d have to close up shop for the day. I got zero sleep because RG3 was Instagraming at me and now I’m sad because we don’t have a roster spot for Neuvy and he wants to play here so badly. Straight up still has feelings for the Caps. He’s the kid who has to change middle schools halfway through the year and misses all his old friends and old girlfriend. He’s trying to tell himself “well there’s a guy from kinda near where I grew up, maybe it won’t be so bad”. And he’s making AIM away messages about his old girlfriend, but she’s moved on (to a much sexier goalie, no offense Neuvy). I legit feel awful for him. Nobody wants to be in Philly once you’ve lived in DC. Especially when the Caps are the Stanley Cup favorites. But the good news is he can always come back in the Summer. Maybe have same sleepovers with his old friends and party with the Cup a little bit. But for now he just has to survive Philly.