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Jerry Jones On John Daly: "I Like The Way He Does Life"

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Golf Digest- Jones last week spoke affectionately about Daly on the Ben and Skin radio show on Dallas station KRLD-FM. “I guess it’s just obvious when you’ve been down and out seemingly as many times as John has been, then you just become endeared to your fans,” Jones said. “And that’s happened with John. And we all know no one’s had more foibles or demonstrated more foibles than John looks like than Jerry knows Jerry’s had. And so that’s easy for me to identify with John. On the other hand I guess it’s from that Dardanelle (Ark.) background in him that is really appealing to me as well. I like the way he plays the game, I like the way he does life. “I think his swing…it’s indicative of what John is about. That thing, when he draws back and hits it, he curls all the way around and he’s got that big old belly, he goes completely around and that golf club seems to touch the other toe and he just unwinds and hits that little old ball on the other side of that 360-degree arc. Now that’s impossible to do almost. He does it almost every time. But imagine the leverage. And that’s the way he hits life, I think.”




Of course you do, Jerry.  We all do.  That’s like saying, “I like the movie Pulp Fiction” or “I like Doritos”  100% of people feel the same way. Hard not to envy a guy who recently came back from the dead.  If you don’t like the way John Daly does life then I suggest you pack up your things and move to a different country ASAP.  You don’t belong here and we don’t want you here.  John Daly is America.  America is John Daly. Talk about a dynamic duo though.  Jerry Jones and John Daly would be the best of friends.  I just know it.  I’m not near cool enough to be invited to that party but I hope they’d at least periscope it.  Both went to the University of Arkansas. Both love the ladies.  The ladies love both of them.  They both have their share of scandals. And they both Hit It Hard in terms of life.  Did we just stumble upon the greatest reality show of all time?  John And Jerry Do Life. Boom.  Nailed it.  Don’t act like you wouldn’t watch that show. The ratings would be through the roof.  Let’s start taking meetings. The offers are probably already rolling in.


It’s pretty easy to picture these two hanging out.  Basically just imagine JD in the background of these pictures with a cigarette hanging from his lip


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