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Marshawn Lynch Just Went On A Home Shopping Network To Sell Skittles In One Of The Weirdest Videos I've Ever Seen




What the hell did I just watch? That was one of those videos where I got to the end and was more confused than when I started. Not only that but it was something I would watch over again without hesitation. Marshawn Lynch is officially in that rare territory now, the “anything he does, I will watch” zone. It’s like how we say Vince Wilfork on Hard Knocks is funny just by standing there and doing nothing. Give me a live cam of Vince going through his day and I’m glued to the computer. Same here, Marshawn Lynch can say basically anything and I’ll laugh. Add in the fact that you sat him down next to the single whitest lady of all time and there was some serious sexual tension in the room and I am all in, every single time.



Just slide it right in. Slide it right in like this? Ohhhh.







This little back and forth was so awkward and so good. Marshawn for a second was like wait what are we doing here right now? Are you actually proposing to me?