Drake Posts A Video Of Himself Shattering A Glass Lamp With A Soccer Ball, Playing Ping Pong In His Basement. Gangsta Shit.

Well the 6 God is just doing the damn thing this summer. Murdering rappers. Dropping Jordans. Serving winners on the ping pong table. Blasting soccer balls at glass lamps. Thats just how you do Bad Boy Life when you’re a middle class half Jew turned rapper. Some emcees would post a video of them making it rain in the club. Or throwing up gang signs. Or smoking a blunt. Not Drake though. You wanna know how hardcore Drake is? Dude breaks lamps while having a kick about on his tennis court. That aint enough for you? Check the video of him with the perfect back hand on the ping pong table. If you arent careful, Drake might fuck around and even show you how he adjusts the jibsheet on his sailboat with one hand. Might even post an Instagram of him going in his pool only 15 minutes after eating. I heard Drake is even getting “Upper Class Suburban Life” tatt’d across the chest. Pac would be proud.