Redskins vs Vikings - Thursday Night Fun Live Blog!


In case you forgot, I’m here for you. Your Washington Redskins are playing the Minnesota Vikings tonight on NFL Network. The Vikings are 1-7 and have about 100 players out hurt. The Skins are 3-5 coming off an OT win vs the Chargers.

The Vikings are not very good, and are a difficult team to watch play professional football. However, they do find ways to put up points. Beating them tonight will mean stopping AP. Stuff the box and make Christian Ponder throw picks. Sack his balls off. I’m a little worried this could be an absurd trap game where Jerome Simpson, who signed a fat contract because he did a front flip into the end zone once, goes off and the Vikes use the short week to their advantage playing at home.

Despite that, the Skins should win tonight to improve to 4-5, and then they will have a long break before heading to Philly to potentially play for first place in the division.

The path to the playoffs starts tonight! If you want to chat in the comments, I’ll mix it up with you.

Let’s get RG3 running into the end zone, and hail to victory!