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Reminder That Michelle Jenneke Is Still Crazy Hot, Still Kinda Sucks At Running

I don’t care how often Michelle Jenneke does this pre-race dance because those hips will make it move every single time. And here’s that sexy little hurdling minx doing her thing at Worlds in Beijing. The pre-race dance was obviously more entertaining than the race itself but if you’re interested in those results…baby girl didn’t even fucking place afterwards. Now as a fan of super hot chicks, I love Michelle Jenneke for all of this. But as a fan of sports, I have to hate her her guts. You can’t be pulling this type of bullshit before the race and then get blown out of the water right after. Her time didn’t qualify her for the 2016 Olympics. She’s pretty much just done. So now I think we have to have a very real discussion about Michelle Jenneke with ourselves. She’s never made it to the Olympics, she’s not even coming close to placing at Worlds, but she’s still smokin’ hot. Do we just keep accepting and enabling this type of mediocrity? You can make that call for yourself.