Shane O Mac Was Such a Badass

That was 15 years ago today. What a legend. What in the fuck was Shane doing? He probably landed on some sort of padding…probably, maybe..but still such an insane spot where even the most highly trained wrestlers could get hurt. But he wasn’t, he is just Shane McMahon, son of Vince, out there nearly killing himself. No matter what he landed on, falling that many feet (40-50?), and falling backwards at that, not spotting his landing, is just so ridiculous for anyone to do. And it’s not like he only did something like that one time:

And let us not forget this spot, where some idiot put in the wrong glass, he was supposed to put in the breakable glass but oops, it was just straight up plexiglass (the same glass they use in hockey arenas). Listen to the thud when he lands on his head.

Shane was so ridiculous. Anyone who grew up watching wrestling loved every time he was in the ring. I hope so much that one day Steph and HHH are going to be in the ring talking about the Authority this and that and Shane’s music is going to hit and it’s going to be nuts.

2015 doesn’t want, but needs a Shane return. We have the Dudleys back, we have Lesnar, we have Sting, just need Shane.