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In Honor Of Billy Joel At Wrigley Tonight - TBT Blog My Top 5 Billy Joel Songs

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Ran this last year before the shows at Wrigley, not going to be there tonight but went last year and if you have a chance at a ticket I highly recommend it. 



Fuck Yes. Love me some Billy Joel. Now I know there are probably some hardo’s out there that will say Billy Joel sucks or is gay or whatever. I don’t care. If you can’t get down with a little Billy then you’re just an uncultured boob.



Big Cat’s Top 5 Billy Joel Jams



5. Goodnight Saigon

One of the best in concert songs ever.  Yes we will all go down together!


4. Piano Man


Cliche? Yes. But it’s still a classic, and gets everyone singing, can’t be left off just because it’s popular.



3. Captain Jack

Love the build up on this one, right before the chorus, ramp it up then bam CAPTAIN JACK WILL GET YOU HIGH TONIGHT

Bonus for this lyric

Your sister’s gone out, she’s on a date
You just sit at home and masturbate

All been there


2. Only The Good Die Young


Banger, this is the song that you’re able to get out of your seat and dance to without looking like an asshole because everyone is white and dancing like an asshole. Good times!



Bonus Points – your date definitely knows this song so she’ll start having fun when this gets played.



1. Scenes From An Italian Restaurant


Like 10 different awesome songs all in one. That’s Billy Joel baby, taking us all on a musical rolly coaster.






Honorable Mention – New York State of Mind (feel like you have to be a New Yorker to really love this song so it’s outside of my top 5), Just the Way You Are (sappy, but still a great one), We Didn’t Start the Fire, Uptown Girl (not ashamed that I like this, you shouldn’t be either), Summer Highland Falls (way underrated), It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me, Downeaster Alexa.