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Trump Impersonates Asians At Iowa Speech


Its not like he went up there mixing up his Ls and Rs for a joke. “Risten up! This is important internationar dimpromacy!” But there’s no doubt Trump is up there clowning on the Asians. Which is HUGE for me. If he’d just leave the Mexicans alone and put the Asians in the crosshairs, I’d hit the campaign trail for him. Nobody likes Asians. But they are not to be trifled with. There’s too many of them so they have to be taken seriously despite the fact that they’re all bozos. So when he asks the question “Who do you want negotiating with China – Jeb Hillary or TRUMP?” its a no brainer. I want Trump in that room disrespecting all their traditions. None of that bowing, bullshit. Trump bows to no man, especially not an Oriental. (No doubt Trump says Oriental) I could see Trump sitting down at a big fancy luncheon and ordering the dog just to fuck with these guys. Keep them off balance. Spit right in their eye. Remind them who’s actually boss. Just because you have 1 billion slaves crammed into your country doesnt mean you’re more powerful than America, and I think China needs to be reminded of that. Trump is just the dipromat to get message across. Maybe he doesnt win the Presidency but he should definitely be an international ambassador or somethin.