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This Mario Kart Skate Video Is Really Well Done And A Fun Watch On a Tuesday Afternoon

Just just a cool fucking video. Long boarding+Mario Kart+talented people= great viral video.

All this talk about Madden and Xbox today, and I’m over here with an N64, and no other system.

For as many nerdy and loserish things I like, I’m not a video game guy. For one, I’m just not very good at them. Too many buttons, my coordination sucks, all the 5th graders online are way better, just not for me. And plus, I don’t know where people find time to play video games, and then since it’s a catch 22, how people who play video games find time to do anything else. But much like my friend Smittchel, I’m a Mario Kart guy. It’s basically all I play. (If anyone has a copy of No Mercy I can have lmk thanks). I spent 2 hours last Saturday trying to do this short cut on Luigi’s Raceway:

2 hours. Couldn’t do it.

PS: Where do people stand on sitting in the back til lap 3 and then just getting a lightning and a star and winning that way? I hate it. I hate when people do it. Yea, a win is a win. I get that. But when I go to sleep at night, I can sleep happily knowing I didn’t race a chicken shit race. I’m up there in 1st getting single banana peels and I like it. I’m not sitting back. I’m going wire to wire or I’ll die trying.