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My Pog Game is Ridiculous


I was going through old stuff and stumbled upon the holy grail itself, my old pog collection. I’m not one to brag, but my pog game is such fire my house almost burned to the ground. Here are the highlights:


You come at the king, you best not miss. Throwing star pogs always on deck incase things get heated. A shark eating an 8 ball, is that even street legal?


Three Simbas, two wicked witches, and a Fantasia? Dalmatians playing the piano unsupervised? That brown slut Pocahontas? I’m jealous of whoever owns these. O wait it’s me. Sick life.


It’s morphin time, bitches.

BTW, who is the best Power Ranger of all time? It’s clearly between Jason the red ranger and Tommy the green ranger. Jason is the original leader. Tons of heart. The guy you want out there when the planet is on the line. The Charlie Conway of the bunch. But then you have Tommy. Has all the skill in the world and is potentially the GOAT when not working for Rita Repulsa. Adam Banks through and through. I’m a Red Ranger guy, but understand Green Ranger Nation.


Six slammers, each for six different situations. I remember buying my Orioles slammer at the mall kiosk for 5 dollars and it was the most expensive thing I ever paid for with my own money. Felt like a businessman hanging over that Lincoln that’d been in my velcro wallet since my birthday.


Boo, bitch!


Woops, didn’t mean to scare ya.

And yea, that’s a solid gold Lenny Dykstra slammer.



When you see the Dykstra slammer, you already know it’s over. No chance, that’s what you’ve got. First ballot Pog hall of famer, population me.