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Barstool Takes Over Yankee Stadium 9/5


I’ve been out of pocket with this thing I had to take care of, but if you havent heard yet, Barstool has teamed up with the Yankees to start having events at the Stadium. The first event is on 9/5 so if you dont have anything going on during Labor Day weekend, head out to the stadium. From there maybe we launch another event.

If this event goes well, we will have the ability to do maybe another before the season ends and a bunch more in the future. I wish we could provide an open bar with this, but the Yankees just don’t offer that. But with all you can eat with soda included, I’m sure you can figure out something to get by. If not just load up before the game and buy a few beers in the stadium they really aren’t that expensive.

This is going to be a private area with private concessions so there wont be long lines and the whole area will be people with similar mental problems to yours. In a pennant race, you cant beat that.

If you’re planning on going with a group of people, the best way to make sure you all sit together is to have one person purchase the tickets. I.e. I buy 6 tickets so me and my 5 friends are all grouped together instead of 6 people buying their own tickets and trying to sit together. After you purchase your seats the Yankees will reach out to you and make sure you’re all set. Scoop em up now so that you make sure you get in and get your seats all together. Any customer service questions or issues, email with the subject “Barstool + NYY” and they will handle everything.