We Got A Wild Ass Scene At Copa America: Uruguay Players Climbed Into The Stands And Started Brawling With Colombia Fans

We got ourselves a Malice at the Palace situation in Charlotte tonight! Save your jokes about soccer players flopping and hold me back fights. We got Uruguay players - led by Darwin Nunez - in the stands looking for a brawl. And there were punches. That must be said, this was a legit brawl. We even had the classic beer being thrown all over the place - a staple in soccer fights. 

Gotta say fucking hilarious from everyone in studio and how the Fox tweet is. Oh just some players in the stands, fighting fans, nothing to see here. Carry on. Alexi Lalas was ready to talk about Berhalter being fired and how Colombia had 10 men. Guys, we want to see more of the brawl. It's not every day you get players climbing into the stands to actually fight. They weren't asking the Colombia fans to get ejected, no, they decided it was time to fight. 

Can't say it's shocking seeing how the match ended. You had the players starting to get into it right after the whistle sounded: 

You had a little pinching/elbow red card in the match

And then we had Darwin Nunez going full Artest. Tough look to be stuck in that sports bra/monitor look soccer players all wear when going into the stands though. Gotta rip that off or toss a shirt on. The Euros can have all their pretty soccer and rockets for goals. Copa America we have Malice at the Palace.