Shedeur Sanders Says Colorado Is 'Everybody's Super Bowl'

We're six weeks out from kickoff and if Colorado didn't already have enough of a target on its back, Shedeur Sanders just drew an even bigger one.

The reaction to this quote was a universal eye roll, but in a way, Sanders is kinda right. Now, of course, the motivation teams have to play Colorado is purely self-inflicted and comes not at all from any on-field success or historical prestige like you would usually see from a program calling itself every team's Super Bowl, but other teams are definitely fired up to play the Buffs. It just seems like coming off a 4-8 season and with another win total under six, you'd think CU would maybe want to back off the off-season talking just a little bit. But they're all-in again.

Purely from a content perspective, Colorado has made itself a must-cover story no matter what. If they win, great. If they lose, even better. If media coverage was part of College Football Playoff consideration, the Buffs could get in at 0-12.

Most coaches would have probably laid off the Super Bowl comments after a game like Colorado had against Oregon last year — and the other seven losses throughout the season — but that's what makes Coach Prime and his team different. They're going to do their business their way regardless of what happens on the field. I guess you at least have to respect the commitment to the bit.